NH4 taxi service are here to provide for all your travel needs thoughout the Punjab State and all other States of India. We cover all routes in the vicinity to the International Airports at Amritsar, Delhi or even Mumbai. Railway station, coach station, hospitals, governmental offices, Courts or just holidaying / sight seeing at our major tourist sites. We never say “no” to any request and make travelling easy, comfortable, timely and affordable.

Where Are We?

We are near Bathinda city, about 350km from the capital Delhi / Mumbai and 200km from Amritsar internal airports. If you are travelling from any destination overseas, booking our cabs from where we are will cost you considerably less (about 30%) as we will drive up empty overnight or day to pick you up and bring you to the Punjab State.  So, book with us if you are travelling to the Punjab on business, holiday or visiting relatives. Our parent H54 Guset House has 14 beautiful, comfortable rooms to make your journey easy, refreshing, less tiresome and take in the sighs / sounds of India along the way.

Punjab State (India)

Satpal Grewal – Company Director

NH54 Taxi Hire is contracted to our parent, NH54 Guest House to provide a private taxi service for guests ariving for a short or long stay and clients using it as a stop-over before travelling to other destinations in the Punjab State. We also provide private taxis for business, leisure, holidays and important meetings to political & governmental offices. Our fleet and team members are shown and rates are competetive. Book all your travel needs with NH54 Taxi Hire, you will not be disappointed.

Mobile: +91 9417805710
Email: nh54.ghouse@gmail.com


Our Fleet

These vehicles are all licenced for public carrier, insured and certified by governmental bodies. All cars are air conditioned, air bagged for your safety and GPRS fitted for travelling extended distances and destinations. Some models have LED screens for video viewing and mobile chargers fitted all round. You are fully entitled to take a picture of the vehicle, number plate and any details of the driver’s documents for your security, peace of mind. The fleet is at your service.

Tourist Spots In Our Vicinty

Tourist Spots In our capital Delhi